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Save of the Grafana dashboard settings

  GIT update ? (or just local change and push)

Creation of a functional Thingsboard docker

 configure the Thingboard dashboard to get a similar result as Grafana
Secondary objective: Allow the dashboard to be saved as an objective of Grafana.
Carry out a comparative study between Grafana and Thingsboard

Rearrange the code

 Obsolete parts (server and site intended for the relocation of the connected sensors of the farm) must be moved to a subdirectory
The ReadMe should be rewritten for the docker part and the current readme moved to the obsolete code subdirectory
The jdc / directory should globally be the entire docker part of the project but it should not be deleted because it is necessary for grouping dockers

Code in collaboration with IESE: simplification of the architecture by getting rid of the docker node red

 Decode the captures directly with javascript code (CODEC LAIRD) in Chirstack
Integration with on-board STM32 and Water Storage requiring to work with IESE

In collaboration with the IESE allow node red to decode the message frames coming from the water storage

 Write a decoder 
Test with a Grafana panel

Technology constraints

The software chain is made up of different Docker images, each managing an element. (Nodered Influxdb and Grafana)


Julien is working on the save of Grafana settings.
Theo is working on the Thingsboard solution.
Hugo is working on the water storage.

Advice and indications

You need a great understanding of Docker and consult the documentation that we made.


PDF participation 2019-2020
Grafana settings documentation
Grafana usage documentation with Docker
Dockers build documentation