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LoRa Nomenclature

Les Jardins du coteau

This nomenclature concerns Jardins du Coteau farm. We create it in november 2017 for the Connected Greenhouses and Water Management projects. It could be used for other potentials projects on the farm or re-used elsewhere.

The LoRa Nomenclature

In order to coordinate sending and receiving of data thanks to the LoRa protocol in Jardins du Coteau farm, we decided to design and observe a nomenclature. It will allow to filter our data (on the whole pool of data circulating on the LoRa network), but also recognize which kind of data is sent.

Each packet of data related to Jardins du Coteau farm will be sent under this format in order to be read and processed by the gateway:


Where P, I, M, D and X are:

Connected Greenhouses Water Management Meaning
P 0 1 Project’s identificator (0 to F)
I 0 to F 0 to F Numéro de carte STM32 du projet (0 à F)
M 0 : Temperature of the ground
1 : Temperature of air
2 : Air moisture
3 : Ground moisture
Data’s identificator. Useful for some project to distinguish sent data.
D 0 to F 0 to F Number of sent data
X Data

This nomenclature will permit to meet our current needs as part of Connected Greenhouses and Water Management projects, but will also be adaptable to other potential projects based at Jardins du Coteau Farm.

Relative projects