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Connected Greenhouses

a project in partnership with
Polytech-Grenoble – Les Jardins du Coteau – STMicroelectronics

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Greenhouse viewed from outside
Greenhouse viewed from inside
Greenhouse viewed from inside

This project is part of the ASAC project.


The Connected Greenhouses project is linked to sustainable development and its finale wish is to enhance the productivity of an organic farm. The Jardins du Coteau farm need the setting up of a sensor network in order to collect data from its greenhouses. This farm is situated in Saint-Cassien, a neighbouring town of Grenoble, near Voiron. This farm being organic, the market gardening is not as easy as an industrial and high-yield farming. Without using synthesized chemicals, the condition to grow plants are even more important. Also, the water flow is favoured by the ground of the farm and so, needs a permanent monitoring. As well, crops need some condition of temperature and moisture to grow and that's why those parameters are important and needed.

At the moment, even during winter or late in the evening, they have to go to the greenhouses in order to "sense" these physical quantities. They want a network of sensors in order to know the state of each greenhouse easily. It will surely enhance their productivity and of course, facilitate the job of farmers. They don't want to lose time any more on useless things.

Our mission consist in equipping the greenhouses of the farm with temperature and moisture sensor. In order to simplify and centralize the reading of these data, a delivery to the house of the owner will be set up. Indeed, several boards will be placed at several places in the greenhouses and a central gateway will collect them.

Of course, some obligations that will be explained later, are brought by the project.


  • Nicolas PALIX, Polytech
  • Benoit MARCHAND, ST Microelectronics (2017-2019)
  • Bruno STRUDEL, ST Microelectronics (2020-...)
  • Vincent HIBON

The teams



Download link of the specifications (FR)

Technical solutions


LoRa nomenclature on the farm


STM32 Nucleo board LR073RZ
LoRa Plug-in I-NUCLEO-SX1272D
Extension bard X-NUCLEO-IKS01A1
Thermometer / Moisture meter SHT10
LoRa Picocell Gateway




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