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[[File: Evalutation_Ecom6_01.jpeg‎ |700px]]
[[File: Evalutation_Ecom6_01.jpeg‎ |500px]]
[[File: Evalutation_Ecom6_02.jpeg‎ |700px]]
[[File: Evalutation_Ecom6_02.jpeg‎ |500px]]
[[File: Evalutation_Ecom6_03.jpeg‎ |700px]]
[[File: Evalutation_Ecom6_03.jpeg‎ |500px]]
[[File: Evalutation_Ecom6_04.jpeg‎ |700px]]
[[File: Evalutation_Ecom6_04.jpeg‎ |500px]]
[[File: Evalutation_Ecom6_05.jpeg‎ |700px]]
[[File: Evalutation_Ecom6_05.jpeg‎ |500px]]
[[File: Evalutation_Ecom6_06.jpeg‎ |700px]]
[[File: Evalutation_Ecom6_06.jpeg‎ |500px]]
[[File: Evalutation_Ecom6_07.jpeg‎ |700px]]
[[File: Evalutation_Ecom6_07.jpeg‎ |500px]]
[[File: Evalutation_Ecom6_08.jpeg‎ |700px]]
[[File: Evalutation_Ecom6_08.jpeg‎ |500px]]
[[File: Evalutation_Ecom6_09.jpeg‎ |700px]]
[[File: Evalutation_Ecom6_09.jpeg‎ |500px]]
[[File: Evalutation_Ecom6_10.jpeg‎ |700px]]
[[File: Evalutation_Ecom6_10.jpeg‎ |500px]]
[[File: Evalutation_Ecom6_11.jpeg‎ |700px]]
[[File: Evalutation_Ecom6_11.jpeg‎ |500px]]
[[File: Evalutation_Ecom6_12.jpeg‎ |700px]]
[[File: Evalutation_Ecom6_12.jpeg‎ |500px]]
[[File: Evalutation_Ecom6_13.jpeg‎ |700px]]
[[File: Evalutation_Ecom6_13.jpeg‎ |500px]]
[[File: Evalutation_Ecom6_14.jpeg‎ |700px]]
[[File: Evalutation_Ecom6_14.jpeg‎ |500px]]

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Evaluation d'IHM

Evalutation Ecom6 01.jpeg

Evalutation Ecom6 02.jpeg

Evalutation Ecom6 03.jpeg

Evalutation Ecom6 04.jpeg

Evalutation Ecom6 05.jpeg

Evalutation Ecom6 06.jpeg

Evalutation Ecom6 07.jpeg

Evalutation Ecom6 08.jpeg

Evalutation Ecom6 09.jpeg

Evalutation Ecom6 10.jpeg

Evalutation Ecom6 11.jpeg

Evalutation Ecom6 12.jpeg

Evalutation Ecom6 13.jpeg

Evalutation Ecom6 14.jpeg