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Week 1: January 25th - January 31th

  • Getting familiar with Docker (for some of the group members)
  • Fix Docker's DNS issue using public network (wifi-campus/eduroam)
  • Contacting our supervisors
  • First thoughts on this project, what we could do
  • Redaction of specifications, creation of architecture diagrams
  • Create scripts that start/stop containers automatically (some modifications still need to be done)

Week 2: February 1st - February 7th

  • Manage and limit space disk usage of each container, limit resources allocation at containers' launch.
    • CPU and memory allocation: ok
    • Docker doesn't seem to implement easy way to limit container's disk usage: implementing a watchdog (script) which will check container's disk usage and stop those that exceed a limit
  • Think about restricted access to Docker containers: for the moment, providers are admin and can easily access containers
  • See how instances can easily give their network information to coordinator
  • Get familiar with Shinken and study the possibilities
  • Specification of technologies used
  • End of specification redaction + feedback from tutors
  • Start to work on Meteor-AngularJS tutorials
  • Configure a personal VM for the frontend & setup meteor-angular on it

Week 3: February 8th - February 14th

  • Objective for this week: get a prototype that contains a basic front-end which makes it possible to launch remote Docker instance.
  • Container deployment:
    • Deploy all containers on the same network: that allows us to connect to the instances from the coordinator
    • Create user on host: will be used to connect ourselves in ssh from coordinator instance to host and launch deployment scripts
    • Create script that totally automatizes user creation, images creation and build, coordinator's and shinken's containers launch
  • At the end of the week, the prototype is working: we can launch an instance an a provider machine from the front-end. We still need to establish and test the connection between a client and his instance. We have a good cornerstone of our project yet.

Week 4: February 15th - February 21st

  • Try to establish a connection between a client and his container
  • Continue client/provider's web page development on front-end
  • Start editing help page
  • Correct some responsive effects on the site
  • Container deployment:
    • Implement bandwidth restriction
    • Create script that automatically set client public key in container's authorized_keys file, modify some script to automatically delete client public key in coordinator's authorized_keys file
  • Start to study and set up Rabbitmq (publish from provider to front-end for example)

Week 5: February 22nd - February 28th (Vacation)

  • Update wiki/help page, work on some responsive issues on the website
  • Establish script that automatically create SSH-jump config for the client
  • Work on foreign keys and database (front-end side)
  • Continue front-end development
  • Establish rabbitmq on both front-end side and provider side

Week 6: February 29th - March 6th

  • Container's deployment:
    • Modify coordinator Dockerfile to install nodejs
    • Create a cron job that will run a command every 30 seconds: that command will be used to send the file that contains container's information to rabbitmq server
    • Modify coordinator to set up 2 users: one for the front-end and one for the clients. Each one will contain only the public key they need in authorized_keys' file
    • Modify startProvider script to check is ssh-server is installed and running on provider, and change default port (22 to 22000)
    • Modify watchdog functioning: up to now, the script was just checking if each instance was respecting a limit. Now its behaviour allows us to have different disk usage for each instance. Now we use a cron job, we won't need anymore to launch the script by ourselves
    • Change monitoring system: we found an other monitoring system for Docker called cAdvisor which gives us enough informations about containers.
  • Frontend dev:
    • Generate a proper & unique instance name : <username>-<provider_domain_name>-<num_instance_user_at_provider> eg. : toto-domain1-0
    • Add form to modify provider machines informations
    • Fix warning "CSS file deliver as html file" by Meteor
    • Add README to explain how to use scripts, how files are organized (for github branch : frontendWebui , docker , master )
    • Improve user feedback (notifications) on errors/success
    • Proper parameters to start/stop instances
    • Add username field in profile
    • Resolve bugs occurring when the machines allocate resources from a different user
  • Test and feedback:
    • Set up the main test: container deployment and access to instance from the client
    • Some permissions on coordinator instance needed to be changed
    • SSH default configuration needed to be changed to: disable root login and authentication by password
    • Connection from client to his instance is working

=> The main development phase is finished since we have a working base. We still need to improve some things, eventually develop some advanced functionalities during the last two weeks.

Week 7: March 7th - March 13th

  • Finish creating the flyer
  • Write report for our last MPI course
  • End of Rabbitmq set up on front-end
  • Test complete loop:
    • Create profile
    • Set required information (ssh public key)
    • As a provider, give settings of the provided machine
    • As a client, ask for an instance
    • As a client connect to the instance (ssh)
    • Check that Rabbitmq is correctly tracing back information about containers/instances
  • Add a rating system which will be used to give a mark to providers.
  • Start preparing the presentation

Week 8: March 14th - March 17th

  • Finish presentation preparation
  • Fix some bugs:
    • Start instances if they already exist
    • Stop instances and no longer remove them in order to be reused/started again
    • Really remove client instances running on provider when he choose to not be available
    • Others minor fixes

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