Introduction to Physical Computing

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The objectif of the course and the pratical sessions is to offer to students an theoritical and pratical overview of Physical Computing domain. By Physical Computing we means the building of little systems, usually interactive, composed of sensors (like button), actutor (like led, motors) linked to microcontroller and eventually connected to computer.


Students will be evaluated on the basis of reports written during pratical sessions

Pratical materials

Group 1 : Basics

The minimal circuits to realise are Blinking on board LED, Blinking external LED, Push Button. For report you can adapt Multiple LEDs

  1. Blinking on board LED: use Files/Examples/Basics/Blink in Arduino IDE
  2. Blinking external LED: explanations, code and Schematic
  3. Push Button: explanations, code and Schematic. Code is also in Arduino IDE (Files/Examples/Digital/Button)
  4. Multiple LEDs: explanations, code and Schematic

Group 2 : Useful

Group 3 : Advanced

== Group 4 :


Translated wiki pages praticals with arduino