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OAR Cloud Project

This project aims at creating a light cloud computing architecture on top of the batch scheduler OAR.

Project Members

This project is proposed by:

Olivier Richard - Teacher and researcher in RICM's Polytech Grenoble training

Three students from RICM are working on it:

  • Jordan Calvi (RICM4)
  • Alexandre Maurice (RICM4)
  • Michael Mercier (RICM5)



There is two kind of actors that are dealing with OAR cloud, users and administrators. The F.u* and the F.a* are the user and Administrator features describe below.

OAR Cloud Context Diagram



Main features:

F.u.0 Connect to an account

F.u.1 Launch and configure one or more instances

F.u.2 Deploy an image on one or more instances

F.u.3 Modify and save images

F.u.4 Setup alarms based on rules using metrics

F.u.5 Being inform by e-mail and/or notification for interesting events

Advanced features:

F.u.6 Automated resize of an instance (adapt the resources) using predefined rules and schedule

F.u.7 Load balancing between several instances

F.u.8 Advanced Network configuration for user: ACL, subnets, VPN...


F.a.0 Create/delete user account

F.a.1 Add/remove and manage resources

F.a.2 Visualize resources and instances states

F.a.3 Install and update nodes operating systems

F.a.4 Handle users access rights

F.a.5 Setup alarms based on rules using metrics

F.a.6 Being inform by e-mail and/or notification for interesting events

Logical View

Here is the logical view of the OAR Cloud system. Every component on this diagram represents a software component type. The links between these components represent the communication between them.

OAR Cloud Logical View

Description of the main components:

Handle users and admins access rights
The system access point reached by the different access tools
Manage the creation, configuration and deletion of instances all over the severals nodes. It also handles the appliances persistence and deployment
UserCLI & AdminCLI 
Command line access tools for users and admins


Libvirt and LXC

Open vSwitch

TODO list

  • Explore Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud API
  • Understand technologies:
    • OAR
    • LXC
    • Libvirt
    • OpenVSwitch
  • find out how to handle dynamic jobs



  • We have specified the subject
  • Distribute the work between us.
    • Jordan: LXC and Libvirt
    • Alexandre: OpenVSwitch and Libvirt
    • Michael: OAR and global architecture