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Description and Goals

The long-term goal of this project is to develop a control software manipulator arm for support of persons with disabilities.


  • Supervisor: Olivier Richard
  • El Hadji Malick FALL, Adji Ndèye Ndaté SAMBE



The projet was attributed on Monday 13th and started the following day, January 14th 2014

Week 1 (January 13th - Janurary 19th)

  • Project discovery
  • Meeting with the different members of the project for assigning roles. Each pair chooses the part of the project that it wants to process.We choose to process the part on the detection of markers.
  • Research on marker detection

Week 2 (January 20th - Janurary 26th)

  • Test configuration of the robot
  • Learning of C++
  • Discovery of OpenCV

In details, we looked at the record and the code of the former group and studied the methods they proposed for the markers detection including hough transform and harritraining. Then we make some researchs to know how opencv worked. One of the question is what will be the criteria of the markers : color, shape of both.

Week 3 (January 27th - February 2nd)

  • Discovery of ArUco