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Projet de dispositif matériel et logiciel de détection de présence dans une salle ou d'utilisation d'une machine (en fablab par exemple). Connexion à des agendas, systèmes de réservation (Dysoweb Agenda), système de gestion de la HVAC ...



  • Tutors : Didier Donsez, Pierre Dubois
  • Members : Flavien PEYRE , Clément VALENTIN

Project objectives

- Make a server on a raspberry pi to communicate with enocean sensor ,android's tablet and Dysoweb
- Use a camera to count the people inside a room.

Progress of the project

The project started January 13th, 2014.

Week 0 (January 13th - Janurary 19th)

  • Project discovery
  • Research on OpenHAB

Week 1 (January 20th - Janurary 26th)

  • Listing of material at our disposal
  • Meeting with Pierre Dubois (CEO Requea ), presentation of the project
  • First install of OpenHab on the Rasperry Pi
  • First draft of possible final specifications

Week 2 (January 27th - February 2nd)

Week 3 (February 3th - February 9th)

  • Tests with sensors
  • Test with openhab demo file, understand the structure of code ,this principles rules of working ( item folder, rules folder)
  • Analyse openhab code from other project .

Week 4 (February 10th - February 16th)

  • First try with openhab designer tool. (Create items, rules ...)
  • Try to find the id of EnOcean movement's sensor ,to communicate with Openhab.

Week 5 (February 17th - February 23th)

  • Try to find the id of EnOcean movement's sensor ,to communicate with Openhab.
  • Discover of scrum methods. Organize our first sprint.
  • Study of another project to include an ethernet camera in Openhab .

Week 6 (February 24th - Mars 2nd)

  • Install Dolphin view to find and manage easily our sensor (show EEP , id ,datagramm) :
  • EEP of Sensolux mention sensor is not compatible with openhab enocean binding : search solutions
  • Find 3 solutions:
                  -EnOcean link: C++ library to interpret all EEP
                  -Modify the binding to add our EEP :
                  -Java library to manage a lot of EEP profil. This library can interpret datagram and give the value of sensors :

Week 7 (Mars 3th - Mars 9th)

~ Holidays Study the 3 solutions

Week 8 (Mars 10th - Mars 16th)

  • Presentation of mid project.
  • Choose a solution for Sensolux sensor: We modify the binding of openhab.
  • This binding use the java library who have found previously
  • Start to study this library

Week 9 (Mars 17th - Mars 23th)

  • Contact with Thomas Letsh , the designer of enocean binding
  • Study the code of the binding . Write documentation
  • Create our openhab client. Find a way to integrate our camera.
  • We can't show our camera and our captor state in the same openhab page. Try to find a solution : Integrate a webview from the page of captor state inside the camera page?

Other solution?

Week 10 (Mars 24th - Mars 30th)

  • Continue our study of openhab binding and java library
  • We have a client version for openhab : we can show the state of the room and the camera in the same page. We have add a switch to desactivate the camera
  • Start to design a modelisation of polytech via openhab .It's can use like an adminastrator tool to have acces of information from all room (state ,video ,number of state occupy, empty)