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This is a link to access the Scrum of our project :

Because our git repository is private, the Scrum has been create on a free repository which doesn't include any code. Please check the main page of our project to access the link of our Github repository. You'll need to have an authorized access. Contact us if you want to access our sources.

Project description

Students come in class, announce their presence and get settled at their work station. The teacher does the same and accesses his plateform where he can get courses and exams that he has created before. Then, the teacher can submit multiple-choice questionnaire to students. They answer to it individually before submitting their answer to the teacher. After that, he can refer to the results and publish it by theme. The teacher can start again a lesson if he sees that it hasn't been clear enough for his students. Finally, he can reorganize students by working group.

User Stories

  • n°1 : As a student or a teacher, I want to log in my Moodle account using a NFC tag so that I can directly access my personnal account.
  • n°2 : As a teacher, I want to create, modify courses so I can display them on a screen or a wall.
  • n°3 : As a teacher, I want to create, modify and share quizzes with my students so they can answer it.
  • n°4 : As a student, I want to be able to access the courses.
  • n°5 : As a student, I want to be able to answer the quizz.
  • n°6 : As a teacher, I wish I could see the results of the quizzes.
  • n°7 : As a student or a teacher, I wish I could use classic connection so that I can access to my Moodle account with my username and my password.


  • Study and understanding of the technologies we will use (CAS/LDAP, Cordova,...)
  • Connection to Moodle account by means of the NFC tag
    • User story n°1
  • Courses and exams modifications
    • User stories n°2 and 3 (creation and modification)
    • User stories n°4 and 5 (use by students)
  • Allow classic connection (username and password)
    • User story n°7
  • Display of results for each student
    • User story n°6


To do

  • Course management (1 week)
    • The application has to provide tools to create, modify, publish courses or exams.
  • Results display (1 week)
    • The application has to provide tools to display results of quiz that have been answered.

In progress

  • Connection establishment (4 weeks)
    • The aim is to understand which technologies are already used for Moodle connection.
    • The aim is to establish the connection to the student Moodle account while clock-in by means of the NFC tag.


  • CAS and LDAP understanding
    • This task was assigned to Anthony Leonard and Romain Barthelemy. They had to understand how LDAP and CAS work in order to begin the connection establishement.
    • What is CAS ?
    • What is LDAP ?