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UML Diagrams

The followings are some UML diagrams created for certains aspects of the project.

Please note that all these diagrams have been designed at the beginning of the project. Therefore, some of them may not correspond with the final product.

Use case


Classes diagrams

Classes diagram.jpg

Objects diagrams

Objects diagram.jpg

Sequence diagrams

Scenario 1 : Connection to Moodle

Actors = Teacher or student
Tools = Tablet, NFC reader + NFC tag, web server, Moodle


Scenario 2 : Creation of MCQ

Actors = Teacher
Tools = Tablet, Moodle


Scenario 3 : Answer to the MCQ

Actors = Student
Tools = Tablet, Moodle


Collaboration diagrams

Scenario 1 : Connection to Moodle

Collaboration diagram.jpg

Scenario 2 : Creation of the MCQ

Collaboration diagram scenar2.jpg

Scenario 3 : Answer to the MCQ

Collaboration diagram scenar3.jpg