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The project subject CannonBall_de_voitures_autonomes

This project is handled from years to years by Polytech and Ensimag Students :

From january 13th 2014 to march 2nd 2014 : Jules Legros and Benoit Perruche from Polytech'Grenoble. Link Wiki Air

From may 26th 2014 to june 16th 2014 : Thibaut Coutelou, Benjamin Mugnier and Guillaume Perrin from Ensimag. Link

From january 14th 2015 march 2nd 2015 : Malek Mammar and Opélie Pelloux-Prayer from Polytech'Grenoble. Here

This project is based on the work of Jules Legros and Benoit Perruche.

It has also been handled by Thibaut Coutelou, Benjamin Mugnier and Guillaume Perrin.

It is now handled by two Polytech students : Malek Mammar and Opélie Pelloux-Prayer

Project presentation


  • Supervisors : Amr Alyafi, Didier Donsez
  • Members : Malek MAMMAR, Ophélie PELLOUX-PRAYER




[Project 2014-2015-CannonBall/developer_guide Developer Guide]

Progress of the project

The project started January 14th, 2015.

Week 1 (January 13th - January 18th)

  • Project discovery
  • Discovery of OpenCV
  • Material recovery

Week 2 (January 19th - January 25th)

Week 3 (January 26th - February 01st)

Work in software engineering SRS

Week 4 (February 02nd - February 08th)

Week 5(February 09th - February 15th)

Week 6 (February 16th - February 22th)

Week 7 (February 23rd - march 01st)