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Project presentation


  • Supervisor : Nicolas Palix
  • Members : GUERRY Lucas/ VIAL-GRELIER Aymeric
  • Department : RICM4


Progress of the project

Week 1 (January 9th - January 15th)

Choice of the subject

Week 2 (January 16th - January 22th)

  • Research of the source code on GitHub because the project of the previous students isn't up to date.
  • Fork of the git project
  • Try building application on both computer.

Week 3 (January 23th - January 29th)

  • The project doesn't build on one on the two computers so trying to understand why :
    • Downloading differents JDK and SDK
    • Reading documentation of OsmAnd
    • Setting up environnement.
    • Contacting OsmAnb by email to get more information.

Week 4 (January 30th - February 5th)

  • Finally manage build on both computer.
  • Begin to look at source code and where and how pluggin is implemented (with help of previous group on this project)

Week 5 (February 6th - February 12th)

  • Begin to work on the Parser.
  • First implementation with add of a fake pluggin based on the skiMapPluggin (and then remplacing the information and understanding how it works at the same time)
  • Resolving merge issue.

Week 6 (February 27st - March 5th)

  • First implementation of a fake traficLayer based on paringPointLayer in goals of use it on our pluggin.
  • Try tu use renderer but doesn't works.
  • CI jenkins installation on private server and configuration.

Week 7 (March 6th - March 12th)

  • Bug resolution on the renderer.
  • presentation mi-project.

Week 8 (March 6th - March 12th)

  • find out how to stroke pathes with different color and width :
    • for a path made up of 1 line :
private Paint fluidTrafficPaint;
public void initLayer(OsmandMapTileView view) {
       this.view = view;
       dm = new DisplayMetrics();
       WindowManager wmgr = (WindowManager) view.getContext().getSystemService(Context.WINDOW_SERVICE);
       bitmapPaint = new Paint();
       parkingNoLimitIcon = BitmapFactory.decodeResource(view.getResources(), R.drawable.map_poi_parking_pos_no_limit);
       //basic paint
       Paint paint = new Paint();
       paint.setStrokeWidth(8.5f * view.getDensity());
       // fluid traffic paint
       fluidTrafficPaint = new Paint(paint);
       // normal traffic paint
       normalTrafficPaint = new Paint(paint);
       // hard traffic paint
       hardTrafficPaint = new Paint(paint);
       contextMenuLayer = view.getLayerByClass(ContextMenuLayer.class);
public void onDraw(Canvas canvas, RotatedTileBox tileBox, DrawSettings nightMode) {
       LatLon point1 = new LatLon(45.18475, 5.73635);
       LatLon point2 = new LatLon(45.18475, 5.73035);
       Path path = new Path();
       double latitude1 = point1.getLatitude();
       double longitude1 = point1.getLongitude();
       double latitude2 = point2.getLatitude();
       double longitude2 = point2.getLongitude();
       float locationX1 = tileBox.getPixXFromLonNoRot(longitude1);
       float locationY1 = tileBox.getPixYFromLatNoRot(latitude1);
       float locationX2 = tileBox.getPixXFromLonNoRot(longitude2);
       float locationY2 = tileBox.getPixYFromLatNoRot(latitude2);
       path.moveTo(locationX1, locationY1);
       path.lineTo(locationX2, locationY2);
       canvas.drawPath(path , paint);
    • for an icon :
public void onDraw(Canvas canvas, RotatedTileBox tileBox, DrawSettings nightMode) {
       Bitmap parkingIcon = parkingNoLimitIcon;
       int marginX = parkingNoLimitIcon.getWidth() / 2;
       int marginY = parkingNoLimitIcon.getHeight() / 2;
       canvas.rotate(-view.getRotate(), locationX1, locationY1);
       canvas.drawBitmap(parkingIcon, locationX1 - marginX, locationY1 - marginY, bitmapPaint);