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Departement : RICM 4, Polytech Grenoble

Tutors : Didier Donsez, Jérome Maisonnasse, Germain Lemasson


SmartSelfService is a project where we aim to pilot connected locker from a mobile application in order to help people lend ,swap or rent objects.


  • Controlling a locker's lock from the application

Software Requirement Specification


UML Diagrams


Log book

Week 1 (January 9th - January 16th)

  • Choosing the subject : SmartSelfService
  • Brainstorming about the features of the app
  • Meeting with the tutors to discuss previous year's projects

Week 2 (January 16th - January 22th)

  • Launching a survey to determine the best features to have
  • Researches about the following technologies: aREST and ESP8266
  • Beginning of the redaction of the SRS

Week 3 (January 23th - January 29th)

  • Determined functionalities of the app we will implement.
  • Making comportmental UML diagrams (Use Case, a few scenarii and an activity diagram).
  • Searching the following technologies : Meteor, MQTT, Mosquitto and MongoDB

Week 4 (January 30th - February 5th)

  • Session postponed

Week 5 (February 6th - February 12th)

  • Self-learning on AngularJS, HTML and Javascript.
  • Starting to learn how to use Meteor.
  • Attending the NetBeans Day in Grenoble.

Week 6 (February 13th - February 19th)

  • Doing a tutorial on Meteor. You can find it here
  • Making a wireframe for the web app. →

Week 7 (February 20th - February 26th)

  • Break

Week 8 (Februray 27th - March 5th)

  • Setting up the web application on Git.
  • Exploring Iron router package on Meteor.
  • Experimenting QRCode detection with OpenCV and ZBar
  • Reasearchs concerning MongoDB

Week 9 (March 6th - March 12th)

  • Appointment with Mr. Maisonnasse to redirect the project
  • Presenting the project mid-semester
  • Implementing a simple research template

Week 10 (March 13th - March 19th)

  • Defining our Database
  • Creating an unlocking page for a specific locker
  • Working on the users sign in and log in
  • Trying to understand how to link aRest and Meteor by studying a Git repo. See here.

Week 11 (March 20th - March 26th)

  • Implementing the deposit functionnality in the web app.
  • Adding the list of pending actions and linked views.
  • Trying to Transfer code onto the ESP8266 but it was not working.

Week 12 (March 27th - April 2nd)

  • Monday
    • Continuing the web-app : List of objects, pick-up and the other views already implemented.
    • Welding the ESP8266 chip we got and beginning to link it with the web-app.
  • Tuesday
    • Implementing roles and restricting actions.
  • Wednesday
    • Review of the whole architecture with a new routing implementation
    • Admin-section development