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Teacher: DONSEZ Didier RICM4

Product functions:

Our product is the software that makes the link between the robot and the user (the person wearing the googleVR). this software includes a set of functionalities: First of all it makes the connexion between the phone and the robot (what we call in computer science the client and the server). Then the user can explore the space in which the robot is in by moving his head in whichever direction he wants. this kind of motion will create a request that will be sent to the robot and make the camera move in the same direction as the user’s head.

General constraints:

In order to work correctly, this software have to be run with google Chrome or android because of the technologies that it uses such as webRTC that is not compatible with any other technologies aside from these two.


We chose our project and got the needed material from fablab ( cameras and the googleVR).


  • we did the UML of our project.
  • we checked zhao zilong's github in which we found his and hammouti's code.
  • we Started to look through their code.
  • we watched tutorials about java script (alice) and webRTC's(douria)


  • we carried on with last year student's project.
  • contacted last year's students for an eventual meeting, and the following week was decided for the meeting
  • watched tutorials about web technologies and java script.


  • We met zilong zhao and guillaume hammouti the ones who did the same project last year, They helped us run their code.
  • They explained to us hat each of their folders does:
  • websocket_server is the folder in which there is the server that must be run in the first place.
  • cs is the folder that contains the html of the two clients(the one connected with the two cameras and the one that receives the image stream).
  • Stereo and video are of no use according to zhao and guillaume.
  • Datachannel is the folder that contains the software in charge of redirecting the cameras in the same direction as the occulus rift: the data about the occulus's position is sent through port 5000 So they just collected the information from port 5000.

Finally we run the software that worked perfectly.


added a code that allows the program to run on our mobile phone.

  • We added a file in cs folder so that all we have to do to run the program on our phone was to type : on out phone and the html program run correctly.

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tried to simplify our architecture and use only one computer to run the client and server on the same computer. We sson realised that with http we won't be able to achieve our goal because of security matters => searching how to convert http to https.


we went to fablab to get our material's scheme in order to print it out again. and also get some advise and help for the https conversion