RICM4 2017 2018 -SeriousGame Polystar

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Project presentation

This project (2017-18 version of [1]) consists of :

  • The implementation of the game described here [2]
  • The deployment of the application on tactile tables.


  • 2 Tactile tables Tactualities


Members : Tim LEPAGE, Dimitri SERGEANT - RICM4 @ Polytech Grenoble (UGA)

Supervisor : Didier Donsez Anne Laure Finkel Stéphanie Diligent



Week 1 (15-21 jan)

Subjects were assigned.

Researches on the technologies that could be used.

Week 2 (22-28 jan)

Installed Meteor and followed tutorials to learn how to use the technology.

Started to open the tactile tables to see how it works.

Week 3 (29 jan - 4 feb)

We made the tables work.

Meeting with A-L Finckel :

  • Explications about the game
  • Definition of the essentials of the game

Meeting with D. Donsez :

  • Explained current advancement.

Started application development

Week 4 (5-11 feb)

Brainstorming :

  • How do we both see the game (interface, different game sequences)
  • Distribution of the tasks

Started to fill the SRS.

Week 5 (12-18 feb)

Application development :

  • Organisation of the different webpages of the application (home, gamepage, authentification page, modification page)
  • Started to gather informations about collection : (used to save the Units and the Cards of the game)

Kept filling SRS and started filling UML.

Week 6 (19-24 feb) Hollidays

Filled SRS and UML.

Application development :

  • Started the authentification system based on meteor accounts

Week 7 (26 feb- 04 mar)

Application development :

  • Started CSS implementation + Screen rotation
  • Timer implementation
  • Number of teams and units selected linked dynamically with the game

Meeting with D. Donsez :

  • Explained current advancement.
  • Questions about technical difficulties (CSS with meteor, sendMail)

Week 8 (05-11 mar)

Application development :

  • Creation of the cards and units collection
  • Options implemented : add / modify / delete cards from the collection (linked with the units)
  • CSS
  • Started the game loop

Week 9 (12-18 mar)

Half way project presentation

  • Creation of the ppw + meeting with teachers

RICM 16 years anniversary

  • Poster creation

Application development :

  • Implemented a basic system of points and win conditions

Week 10 (19-25 mar)

Application development :

  • The game is now fully operational. We are adding animations and graphic corrections.
  • Bug correction.

Week 11 (26 mar - 01 apr)

  • Tested the game on the tables
  • Try to find a way to deploy the application so it can work on many tables and not only in localhost