RICM4 2017 2018 - robair2

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Week 1

Presentation of the hardware and brainstorming. Establishment of the specification.

Week 2

Installation of RobAIR software and fixing version issues.

Week 3

Study of interface implementation and addition of a button on the client interface.

Week 4

It is now possible to take picture.

Week 5

Installation of twitter library "TwitterJSClient". Succefully published picture on twitter. Thinking about how to send picture to server nodeJS from client.

Week 6

Succefully sent picture to server from client by means of post request.

Week 7

Succefully post tweet with a picture by means of library "Twit".

Week 8

Add custom tweets with alert notification and possibility of tweeting from server side. Some interface improvements.

Week 9

Modal window to customize your tweet message and improvement of the user's interface. Countdown implemented. When taking a picture there's a 5 seconds countdown. After that the tweeting window is opened.

Week 10

Face tracking feature added with Tracking.js