RealTimeSubtitle - 2016/17 - RICM5

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Subject: Subtitle in real time


  • Didier Donsez
  • Jérôme Maisonnasse
  • Marie-Paule Balicco


  • David Bui
  • Anna Bruel
  • Maxime Lechevallier
  • Tanguy Mathieu
  • Adrien Mouret



Week 1 (January 23th)

Objective: define accurately the requirements and the first sprint.

  • Understanding of the subject, constraints and available equipments with Jérome Maisonnasse at FabLab. The team hesitates to use a Fablab's microphone or a simplier bluetooth microphone.
  • Determine the customer requirements with Marie-Paule Balicco at the disabled house.
  • Brainstorming to define the specifications.

Week 2 (January 30th)

Week 3 (February 6th)

Week 4 (February 13th)

Week 5 (February 20th)

Week 6 (February 27th)

Week 7 (March 6th)

Week 8 (March 13th)

Week 9 (March 20th)

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