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the Team

Nunes thomas & Bidois Morgan

We are two engineering students of Polytech'Grenoble in 4th year, in RICM (Computer networks and multimedia communication) with a multimedia speciality. we have a weekly time slot of six hours dedidated of this projet during the semester (january to may).

Project objective

Our projet is a part of the RobAIR2013 project.

The common projet

It's a common projet with two others establishments:

  • ENSIMAG, an other Grenoble engineering shool.
  • Superior Pole Design of Villefontaine.

RobAIR project proposes the development of a platform for a telepresence robot for teaching and ambient intelligence. It's a low cost robot (well below the maket price). This platform is extensible and open source.

Our sub project objectives

We are responsible in this projet to:

  • The robot and the computer controller communication.
  • The computer controller and tablets communication to delegate the control to mobile device.
  • The tablet interface to controll the robot.
  • Visioconferencing enter the robot and the controller.

Technologies used

  • Jitsi: XMPP/Jingle for Visioconferencing.
  • Android/JAVA for tablet interface.
  • JSON/HTTP/Cometd to transmit command enter robot and the controller. (and websocket in place of Cometd, is it better ??? --Admin 22:12, 18 January 2013 (UTC) )


  • 1 Intel tablet on Android.
  • 1 other Intel tablet on Ubuntu for the robot (must turn on unix platform).
  • 1 SmartTV to display the visioconferencing.
  • 1 PC connected to the SmartTV.

Advancement of the project

The project start the 14th january 2013 and take place in Polytech'Grenoble.

WEEK 1 01/14 - 01/21

We choose and discover the project, objective and the organisation with others teams, cause roughly 20 persons works on this project (7 polytech electrical engineers, ~4 designers, 6 Polytech enginneers devloppers and others ~6 Ensimag enginneers devloppers). We share informations with others teams to co-ordonate our works.

WEEK 2 01/21 - 01/28