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Constrained Application Protocol (CoAP) est un protocole applicatif d'invocation de requête-réponse pour des réseaux de capteurs sans fil IPv6/LoWPAN, il est en cours de standardisation aupres de l'IETF ( )

Motivation : HTTP/REST-like protocol for constrained sensors

  • 128KB FlashRAM and 4KB RAM
  • Battery consumption (sleep and periodical wakeup)
  • Interaction
    • Request-response
    • Subscribe-Notify
  • Resource discovery
    • /profile URI multicast + DISCOVER method
  • Protocol binding
    • UDP and UDP Multicast (16-bit sequence number for reliability)
    • Optionally TCP without "stop and wait"
  • Caching
    • Important since sleeping mode
    • CoAP proxy (for subscription ...)

La liste des langages implementant le protocole CoAP

Client Implementations

  • Copper : Firefox plugin for COAP

Client Implementations