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Project presentation


  • Supervisor : Nicolas Palix
  • Members : Delaporte Adrien / Lucidarme Benjamin / Mouret Adrien
  • Department : RICM4


Progress of the project

Week 1 (January 11th - January 17th)

Choice of the subject

Week 2 (January 18th - January 24th)

  • Installation of the various tools required for application development :
    • JAVA 1.8
    • SDK Android API 15
  • Creation of the git
  • Thinking about tools to use to develop the application: Cordova or native code
  • Project outlook :
    • Cordova => find a target (« only » display the map is useless)
    • Native code => OSMand gives the possibility of routing thereafter
    • Conclusion : Find an interesting extension to Cordova or do native code
  • Requirements
    • Functional requirements:
      • Viewing the traffic on a Grenoble map
      • Update in real time
      • Non-functional requirements:
      • Network quality
      • Reliability
      • Updating the map of Grenoble
      • Ergonomic

Week 3 (January 25th - January 31th)


Week 4 (February 1st - February 7th)


  • Reflexion about the libraries available in JAVA to carry the parser, JACKSON
  • Viewing text when activating the plugin (detection where to write the plugin code)

Week 5 (February 8st - February 14th)

  • Choice of the library : JACKSON
  • Realization of an application in stand-alone
  • Link to SkiMapPlugin to test
  • Goal : direct link to our plugin

Design pattern

  • Adapter : Using data / external applications : métromobilités & OSMand data
  • Memento : Restoration of the application if we remove the plugin
  • Observer : To change its state, the map must be informed of the change of traffic data
  • MVC : model view controller architecture to separate the representation of the map and data

Week 6 (February 29st - March 6th)

  • Beginning of parser adaptation for the project
  • Bug resolution to redirect to our plugin

Week 7 (March 7th - March 13th)

  • Bug rezolution: the link to the plugin is effective
  • We now can change the color of a route

Week 8 (March 14th - March 20th)

  • Progress in the parser

Week 9 (March 21th - March 27th)

  • Parser finished in JAVA, to integrate Android Studio
  • Search the GPS code and other plugins to find how to change the color of a section of road

Week 10 (March 28th - April 3rd)

  • XML parser implemented, integrated into Android Studio
  • Creation of the Traffic Layer class that will be used to draw the road sections along the lines of class GPXLayer and DistanceCalculatorPlugin

Week 11 (April 4th - April 10th)

  • Change of librairies for JSON parser for integration in Android Studio: using
  • Integration of XML parser in Android Studio: use of DOM and SAX libraries