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Summary of the last meeting

STM32 hands-on

  • "ping pong" test between two STM32 with LoRa daughterboard
  • Test of the X-NUCLEO-IKS01A1 card's sensors

Instrumentation of the water pocket

  • Ideas about the choice of the sensor : use a ST "Time of Flight"(ToF) sensor, low cost camera compatible with the stm 32 ?
  • Researches about the ST's "Time of Flight" laser sensor (Reference chosen : VL53L0X) : sensibility, range, precision, cost...
  • Researches about the communcation between the ToF sensor and the STM32 board : via I2C pins
  • Brainstorming about sensor stand (size, materials, how to attach the sensor on it and the stand on the ground)
  • Brainstorming about the pumps' control
  • Choice of the stm32's power supply : a simple USB charger (220V to 5V), as we have acces to power outlets