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Work session 10 : report - 25/01/2018

Work session content

First, we had a meeting with every member of the team. We talk about our advancement, what do we have to do and who will do it. We refocused on the specifications.

- Finally, Corentin and Justin succeeded in making the SHT10 sensor work (we get accurate measures). It works on an Arduino Board, now they have to adapt it on the STM32 board.

- Nicolas Palix gave us a LoRa Gateway and a Raspberry Pi 3 where we will receive all the data from our nodes. We are, at the moments, within the Aquaponie and Gestion de l'eau project, the most advanced group, so we took the responsability to try and configure the gateway. It is a SEMTECH LoRa Picocell Gateway. Charles is in charge of this.

- Nicolas and Théo continue to send and receive data between two and three nodes. At the end, they began to evaluate the consumption of our entire device in order to sizing the battery.