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Work session 4 : report - 09/11/2017

Progress during holidays

Théo and Nicolas tried the board, sensors and the LoRa plug-in thanks to the basic programs and the previous project programs. They also tried to do the main program witch mesure the temperature and send it via the LoRa plug-in.

Work session content

  • Creation of a previsional schedule: Download link of previsional schedule
  • Simplification of previous code and basics programs in order to understand it and applicate it to our problem.
  • Continuous enhancement of the Wiki.

Tour of the farm

Charles, Théo, some Gestion de l'eau's members and Nicolas Palix went to the farm at Saint Cassien (30km from Grenoble). Benoît Marchand and Erwan Le Saint, from STMicroelectronics were there. We met Vincent Hibon and he made us a tour of the farm. He present us Alain, his wife's associate, working in the farm. We saw the 7 greenhouses, and we entered in some of them in order to understand how to realize our project and see where we can settle our device. That was the most important thing for us, in order to visualize our mission. The rest of the tour concerned the Gestion de l'eau project but it was also very interesting: we went to the water-bag, were all the water needed is stored (drew from an underground river) and the pump installation. The goal of the Gestion de l'eau project is to control the level of water of the water-bag (i.e drew water only when it's necessary without human-intervention). To finish, Vincent Hibon took us to the henhouses. He also want a device in order to control the level of water in the two henhouses.

Captioned satellite map of the farm
Inside view of a greenhouse
Humidity in the greenhouse below covers

By going to the farm, we understood the need of our project and it has enhanced our vision. Specifications can be the best, a real view of the requested job is always better to fully understand the mission. We also see the significance of the organic way of growing vegetables (or eggs!) and the restrictions it brings. He promised us that the next time, the weather will be hotter.