Adaptive Machine Messaging Protocol (AMMP)

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simple, byte-efficient, lightweight messaging protocol used to facilitate M2M communications and to build Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity into the edge device.

  • developed and promoted by Axeda
  • Minimal bandwidth consumption, to save cost on cellular/satellite connections
  • Very small footprint, to fit into even resource-constrained devices
  • RESTFful
  • JSON Format
  • standard HTTP authentication and SSL/TLS transmission security.

Data Model

  • Data items – machine/sensor data elements representing status and current readings
  • Location – representing current geo-location as latitude, longitude, altitude
  • Alarms – indicating problem situations and corresponding detail
  • Events – condition reports
  • Uploaded content – binary or file-based content sourced at the edge
  • Downloaded content – binary or file-based content deployed from the Axeda Machine Cloud Connected Content™ application




{location:42.1, -72.5}