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The AspireRFID project aims at developing and promoting an free, open source, lightweight, standards-compliant, scalable, privacy-friendly, and integrated middleware along with several tools to ease the development, the deployment and the management of RFID-based applications and sensor-based applications. It implements several specifications from consortiums such as EPC Global, NFC Forum, JCP and OSGi Alliance.

AspireRFID provides also a set of tools enabling RFID consultants to deploy RFID solutions without a need for tedious low-level programming. AspireRFID allows the specification of RFID enabled processes. Accordingly, the tools generate all the RFID artifacts required to deploy these solutions over the AspireRfid middleware.

The license used by AspireRFID sources is the LGPL v2.1. The license used by AspireRFID documentation is the Creative Commons Share Alike (by-sa).

Keywords: RFID, NFC, Sensor, EPC Global, NFC Forum, M2M, IoT (Internet of Things), FOSS (Free Open Source Software).