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Project presentation


The objective of the project is to continue the 2015-2016 project of Robin Eudes, Alan Damotte, Romain Barthelemy, Malek MAMMAR and Guo Kai. (

The objective of there project was to allow a user group (member) to pool their laptops or desktop in order to calculate big data of few users. To do so, the solution had to work with Docker to virtualize user machines and control the use of resources of each machine.

The team

RICM5 students

  • Project manager : VOUTAT Manuel
  • Scrum master : MEDEWOU Cenyo
  • ARRADA Imad
  • FAURE Quentin
  • FOUNAS Abdelaziz
  • HALLAL Marwan

Supervisor Didier Donsez

Depots GitHub : Cocaas Front-end