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Part 1: Introduction

In communication field, networks become more popular and routing protocols face multiple challenges. They have first to minimize delay then maximize throughput.

- Internet vs. DTN DTN routing involves message replication. They are therefore useful to operate over long distances as for telecommunications space 1 for which latency reaches sometimes hours or even days On another hand we have Internet which is based on packet forwarding.

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Part 2: DTN Architecture and Future Wireless Internet

  • Generalized Architecture
  • Space communications as a customer
  • Bundle transport without permanent end-to-end paths
  • Store-and forward
  • Late name resolution
  • Custody transfer
  • Convergence layer concept
  • Routing with different levels of knowledge of network topology, offered load and connectivity graphs over time


Part 3: Application Areas

- Opportunistic/social networking


- Habitat monitoring

- DTN-based Social Network

- Low cost communication solutions

Part 4: Conclusion

Some of characteristics of Delay Tolerant Networks are:

- No end-to-end path

- Intermittent connectivity

- Long delay

- They are also dynamic