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EasyRide is an Ecological, Ethical and Social Ride-Sharing NFC-Enabled System

EasyRide is a new, dynamic ride-sharing system based on NFC technologies. It provides software infrastructure to implement the system on a metropolitan level.


  • NFC phones
  • Privacy Friendly
  • Social Networking
  • Dynamic ride-matching system


This project was finalist at the NFC Global Competition 2009 - Research Track and presented by the students team at Monaco.

More information

RICM5 Student Staff: Audrey COLBRANT, Clément COLLIN, Elodie NOUGUIER, Ludovic PLANTIN, Samy SIDOTMANE, Khalid ZAIDA
Supervisory Staff: Didier DONSEZ, Pierre-Yves GIBELLO, Philippe MORAT


EasyrideAward.jpg EasyrideTeam1.jpg EasyrideTeamInAction.jpg EasyrideTeamInAction2.jpg EasyrideTeamBeach.jpg