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In France, the rehabilitation is a major problem from the fact that patients have troubles taking charge of their own rehabilitation. They need to be supervised by a health professional. This is a strain of mobility and time for the patient and a significant cost. The patient must be able to rehabilitate from his home while being followed at a distance by the doctor in charge of the medical record.

Also, studies show that rehabilitation of the hand is more effective when both hands are used. Indeed, the growth of the invalidated hand is more important when it is in parallel with the healthy hand. The system must take into account both hands. HandTrainer proposes a completely different approach to the rehabilitation of the hand. It will provide an interactive and entertaining look to the user, by offering him a serious game. It will therefore be able to work his rehabilitation while having fun. It may also use specific exercises every movement involved in rehabilitation.

The patient should be able to use the software from anywhere, only if it has a computer and the right equipment. It also needs an internet connection in order to send its result to the medical professional.

The doctor should be able to recover any time patient outcomes which he is responsible, in order to effectively study and follow their evolution. He needs the software and an internet connection.


  • Tutors : Didier Donsez, Alessandro Semere
  • Members : Patrick Perea, Arthur Clerc-Gherardi, Paul Mariage

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Project objectives

  • Create a software that can be used for hand recovery
  • Develop a serious games and exercices that use the five rehabilitation movements
  • Make it possible for doctors to follow his patients and their progression

Software Requirements Specification

  • The Software Requirements Specification (SRS) can be found here.

Progress of the project

The project started January 26th, 2015.

Week 1 (January 26th - January 30th)

  • Writing of the specifications
  • Writing of the SRS that can be found here
  • Writing of different UML diagrams :
- Context Diagram
- Logical Diagram
- Physical Diagram
- Sequence Diagram
- Use Case Diagram
  • Comparison between different technology in order to chose the best one:

Xtion Pro Live 1 Xtion Pro Live 2 3Gear system 1 3Gear system 1 Leap Motion

  • Writing of the game scenario

Week 2 (February 2nd - February 6th)

Meeting HandTrainer
  • Choice of the Leap Motion for our application
  • Design of game's HMI
  • Design of software's HMI
  • Writing of a game scenario
  • Development of a web interface to make it possible for doctors to create their account
  • Reflection about the necessary datas for the database
  • Conception of the database
  • Launching of the database on our server
  • Choice of a communication protocol
  • Choice of XML's architecture
  • Conception of HMI Wireframe
  • Meeting with Alessandro SEMERE

Week 3 (February 9th - February 13th)

  • Development of game design
  • Development of authentification page for the software
  • Sending of XML from the software for patient's medical records
  • Reception of XML from the software for patient's medical records
  • Writing notes by the doctor in XML
  • Writing patient's progression in XML
  • Training session about Handicap with Noella Renou from Execo-France
Training Session Handicap

Week 4 (February 16th - February 20th)

Holidays, less development this week

  • Development of the action "Open a door" for the game
  • Recognition of several rehabilitation movements :
- Fist
- Duck
- Hand Opening
- Claw
  • Changing of servers because our OVH server didn't allow the direct access from the software

Week 5 (February 23rd - February 27th)

  • Development of the action "Destroy a wall" for the game
  • Development of the action "Pull a lever" for the game
  • Development of the action "Up a harrow" for the game
  • Development of the action "Bring down a bridge" for the game
  • Recognition of thumb rotation
  • Development of level loading by XML
  • Meeting with Alessandro Semere

Week 6 (March 2nd - March 6th)

  • Development of several HMI :
- View for progression ( Patient side )
- View for writing notes ( Doctor side )
- View for adding patient ( Doctor side )
  • Development of the score for the game
  • Make it possible to add patients in the Database
  • Reedition of several sprites in the game for a better visual

Week 7 (March 9th - March 13th)

  • Development of specific exercices for :
  • Claw
  • Duck
  • Fist
  • Thumb Rotation
  • Hand opening
  • Development of a tutorial
  • Development of HMI for :
  • Patient medical records ( Doctor side )
  • Consultation of patients list ( Doctor side )
  • Reading of notes ( Patient side )
  • Link between Leap Motion and the game for each actions
  • Meeting with Alessandro Semere

Week 8 (March 16th - March 20th)

  • Integration of the game in the main interface ( still working on it .. )
  • Integration of the database link in the main interface
  • Development of charts for the patient evolution
  • Completion of several HMI
  • Edition of charts for the final presentation
  • Writing of the final report
  • Meeting with Alessandro Semere

Week 9 (March 23rd - March 27th)

  • Edition of the video for Defi H

Tournage Tournage Tournage Tournage

  • Preparation of the final presentation
  • Writing of the final report