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iFogSim enables modelling and simulation of Fog computing environments for evaluation of resource management and scheduling policies across edge and cloud resources under different scenarios. The simulator supports evaluation of resource management policies focusing on their impact on latency (timeliness), energy consumption, network congestion and operational costs. It simulates edge devices, cloud data centers, and network links to measure performance metrics. The major application model supported by iFogSim is the Sense-Process-Actuate model. In such models, sensors publish data to IoT networks, applications running on Fog devices subscribe to and process data coming from sensors, and finally insights obtained are translated to actions forwarded to actuators.

Download http://www.cloudbus.org/cloudsim/iFogSim.zip

iFogSim: A Toolkit for Modeling and Simulation of Resource Management Techniques in Internet of Things, Edge and Fog Computing Environments http://arxiv.org/pdf/1606.02007v1.pdf