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jmxtrans is a tool which allows you to connect to any number of Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) and query them for their attributes without writing a single line of Java code. The attributes are exported from the JVM via Java Management Extensions (JMX). Most Java applications have made their statistics available via this protocol and it is possible to add this to any codebase without a lot of effort. If you use the SpringFramework for your code, it can be as easy as just adding a couple of annotations to a Java class file.

The query language is based on the easy to write JSON format. This allows non-programmers access to JMX without having to know how to write Java. That makes this tool perfect for the busy Ops person.

The results of the queries are processed by Java classes called OutputWriters. These are a bit more involved to write because generally it means integrating Java code with a third party tool such as Graphite or Ganglia. Out of the box, jmxtrans supports several output writers and we are encouraging others to suggest new ideas by submitting requests to the issue tracker.