Kafka Streams

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Getting started

wget http://packages.confluent.io/archive/3.0/confluent-3.0.0-2.11.zip
unzip confluent-3.0.0-2.11.zip

# The subsequent paths and commands used throughout this quickstart assume that
# your are in the following working directory:
cd confluent-3.0.0/
# Start ZooKeeper.  Run this command in its own terminal.
cd confluent-3.0.0/
./bin/zookeeper-server-start ./etc/kafka/zookeeper.properties

Next we launch the Kafka broker, which will listen on localhost:9092 and connect to the ZooKeeper instance we just started. Since this is a long-running service, too, you should run it in its own terminal.

# Start Kafka.  Run this command in its own terminal
cd confluent-3.0.0/
./bin/kafka-server-start ./etc/kafka/server.properties

First, we need to create the input topic, named streams-file-input:

./bin/kafka-topics --create \
          --zookeeper localhost:2181 \
          --replication-factor 1 \
          --partitions 1 \
          --topic streams-file-input

Next, we generate some input data and store it in a local file at /tmp/file-input.txt:

echo -e "all streams lead to kafka\nhello kafka streams\njoin kafka summit" > /tmp/file-input.txt