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Kapacitor is a data processing engine. It can process both stream (subscribe realtime) and batch (bulk query) data from InfluxDB. Kapacitor lets you define custom logic to process alerts with dynamic thresholds, match metrics for patterns, compute statistical anomalies, etc.


wget https://s3.amazonaws.com/influxdb/kapacitor_0.10.0-1_amd64.deb
sudo dpkg -i kapacitor_0.10.0-1_amd64.deb



kapacitord config > kapacitor.conf

Editer le fichier kapacitor.conf pour modifier l'adresse du serveur influxdb stockant la base de données telegraf.


Editer le fichier /etc/kapacitor/kapacitor.conf pour modifier l'adresse du serveur influxdb stockant la base de données telegraf.



kapacitord -config ./kapacitor.conf


sudo service kapacitor start
sudo service kapacitor status


kapacitor help
	record   record the result of a query or a snapshot of the current stream data.
	define   create/update a task.
	replay   replay a recording to a task.
	enable   enable and start running a task with live data.
	disable  stop running a task.
	reload   reload a running task with an updated task definition.
	push     publish a task definition to another Kapacitor instance. Not implemented yet.
	delete   delete a task or a recording.
	list     list information about tasks or recordings.
	show     display detailed information about a task.
	help     get help for a command.
	level    sets the logging level on the kapacitord server.
	version  displays the Kapacitor version info.

Installer et démarrer Telegraf sur une ou plusieurs machines à monitorer

Depuis un autre terminal, Créer le fichier cpu_alert.tick

    .eval(lambda: 100.0 - "mean")
        .message('{{ .Level}}: {{ .Name }}/{{ index .Tags "host" }} has high cpu usage: {{ index .Fields "used" }}')
        .warn(lambda: "used" > 70.0)
        .crit(lambda: "used" > 85.0)

Définir et démarrer la tache cpu_alert.tick

kapacitor define \
    -name cpu_alert \
    -type stream \
    -dbrp telegraf.default \
    -tick ./cpu_alert.tick

kapacitor list tasks

# Start the task
kapacitor enable cpu_alert
kapacitor list tasks
kapacitor show cpu_alert



kapacitor help recording
kapacitor list recordings
kapacitor record stream -name cpu_alert -duration 1m
kapacitor list recordings



kapacitor help replay
kapacitor list recordings
kapacitor replay -id 6f68d222-0873-44ad-9d46-7b4b03d8acee -name cpu_alert -rec-time

Arrêt d'une tâche

Arrêter la tâche cpu_alert.tick

kapacitor disable cpu_alert

Remarque: en cas d'arrêt et de redémarrage de kapacitord, les taches actives avant l'arrêt sont activées.