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Purpose of the requirements document

This Software Requirements Specification (SRS) identifies the requirements for project "RealTimeSubtitles". This is a guideline about features offered and problems that we will have to solve. It is an open source project loaded on Github, the code is well organized to allow review by us or by new potential contributors.

Scope of the product

RealTimeSubtiltes is an app designed to help partially deaf stutents in a classroom. The aim is to transcript a teacher speech in live and display the speech on the corresponding slide as subtitles. On the other hands, students in the classroom can correct the subtitle on a collaborative HMI. We have to use GoogleAPI Speech for the transcript, reveal.js for the slides and JavaScript. .

General Description

Product perspective

The main target of our project is to help partially deaf student to be more autonomous attending a lecture. This project is proposed by the department of disabled students at the UGA. In addition, we have to design a collaborative HMI for students to correct in real time the subtitles.

Product functions

The app is divided into 2 parts :

  • The transcript by GoogleSpeech

In a first place the API must recognize the teacher speech and transcript it in real time. Final result are appended into the right place according to the current slide.

  • The collaborative HMI

Designed for students, it allows logged in student to follow a course. While the teacher speech the students can either follow the courses and read the subtitles, or edit the subtitles to correct the results.

User characteristics

There are three types of users for our app

  • The teacher talking while showing his slides
  • The students editing notes
  • The students reading the notes and the partially deaf students

Operating environment

The GoogleSpeech API works on google Chrome. A good Internet connection is required for the transcript.

General constraints

  • The teacher needs to have his slides on reveal.js
  • The teacher need to talk loud and not so fast
  • The room has to be quiet (no noise)
  • These elements can reduce errors and help the API to transcript well the speech. However, it won’t be perfect due to the instability of GoogleSpeech API.

Specific requirements, covering functional, non-functional and interface requirements

Requirement X.Y.Z (in Structured Natural Language)

Speech recognition

Description: Capture the voice and return a textual translation

Inputs: Voice of a speaker

Source: Human

Outputs: Textual data

Destination: User

Action: A speaker talk with a microphone and the system return the transcript in textual

Non functional requirements: Accurate detection of spoken words

Pre-condition: User has a microphone

Post-condition: Words are detected

Side-effects: words are not detected or wrong detection

Render the subtitles to slides

Description: Show the subtitles to the slides

Inputs: words spoken

Source: Speech recognizer

Outputs: slides with subtitles

Destination: slides

Action: : Get the spoken words and show them correctly to the slides

Non functional requirements: No loss of data

Pre-condition: Spoken words are detected

Post-condition: Slides are shown with subtitles

Side-effects: Subtitles are not well shown and hide the slides. Subtitles are not readable.

Editing subtitles

Description: User can edit subtitles : add or edit words

Inputs: Wrong detected word

Source: Speech recognizer

Outputs: corrected word

Destination: shown subtitles

Action: User click on the word he wants to edit then edit it with his keyboard. User click on blank space between words to add a word.

Non functional requirements: Easy to click between words, or add a word

Pre-condition: Words are detected

Post-condition: words are added or modified

Side-effects: Removing a good word, text not well displayed.

Session login

Description: User has his own session

Inputs: User profile

Source: User profile

Outputs: A logged user

Destination: security manager, session control

Action: User click on login form and enter his login and password.

Non functional requirements: secured against SQL injection

Pre-condition: user wants to login and know his login and password

Post-condition: user is logged

Side-effects: Users are tracked by id. Users cant delete others courses

Product Evolution

  • Different API Speech more efficient
  • Using RealTimeSubtitles in meetings/conferences