Proj-2012-2013-Audioprothèse DIY-G1

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The team

This team is composed of two 4th year Polytech Grenoble students, in Multimedia Communication specialty, Walid Bibi and Lotfi Manseur.

Our Project


The goal of our project is to create a hearing aids application .



Technology used

We have chosen Python language, using pyo module for sound processing,and WxPython for graphic user interface.


Firstly, we develop our application on a computer, and then, if possible, on an Android phone.

Work planning

14th-21st of january 2013

We discovered, understood, and discussed the project objectives.

21st-28th of January 2013

We started studying the operation of hearing instruments and their different aspects concerning sound processing, and started discovering some solutions proposed to correct some hearing impairment.

04th-11th of february 2013

Writing the uml class diagram and the SRS

11th-18th of february 2013

Beginning of the implementation of authentication and establishment of a data base

4th-11th of March 2013

We tried to understand how to generate a sound with pyo and extract its parameters (frequency, gain) in order to change them during the corrections of the sound

11th-18th of March 2013

We still have not found a solution to the problem of last week.
contact with wthe one who wrote pyo
We checked if it was easier to do the application in java

SRS and UML diagrams

SRS :èse_DIY_1/SRS
UML :èse_DIY_1/UML



python 2.7 :
Module pyo :
Module scipy :
Module numpy :
Module matpolib :
Module wxPython :

Examples of sounds