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A smartphone application and a web application which allows the owner to manage his cellar. Add or remove a bottle, ask for information about a bottle, the humidity and the temperature of the cellar.


  • Sophie Chareyron
  • Fréderic Rousseau
  • Didier Donsez


  • Jonathan Lemoine
  • Nicolas Husson


Week 1 (14/01 -> 20/01)

  • Discovery of the project, the technologies we will use.
  • Discussion about the services our application will provide.
  • We met Sophie Chareyron.

Week 2 (21/01 -> 27/01)

  • Didier Donsez lend us some materials :
- computer tablette
- Intel-Inside NFC Android smartphone
- Touchatag
- Nfc usb key STM3711
- NFC tags
  • We met Frederic Rousseau and discuss with him about the main requirements and proposed ideas that we had.
  • We used the application "Tags" on the smartphone in order to read and write on NFC tags.

Week 3 (28/01 -> 03/02)

  • We wrote the SRS (first version).
  • We begin some diagram (activity, use-case, sequencement and context)
  • We install libNFC and dependencies and also some drivers to recognize the usb key.
  • We manage to read a tag from the computer with the usb key (in hexa) and also corrupt a tag writing on an no-rewritable area.

Week 4 (04/02 -> 10/02)

  • We continue the conception of diagrams (using a draw software).
  • We complete the SRS.
  • Study of the in header NDEF.
  • We think about used the libNFC code via Java using JNI and JNA solutions (we didn't make it).
  • We also think about the technology that we will used for the smartphone (phonegap or android) and we might be use phonegap (we are waiting for the conference on phonegap).
  • We try to use phonegap.

Week 5 (11/02 -> 17/02)

  • We continue the diagrams (we end the activity diagram, usecase diagram, the sequence diagram and we began an interface diagram).
  • Learn about phonegap and try to read and write a nfcTag with a smartphone

Week 6 (18/02 -> 24/02)

Week 7 (25/01 -> 3/03)


Week 8 (04/03 -> 10/03)

  • End the realisation of the diagram ( uml, class and object )
  • Begin the realisation of the IHM on the smartphone.

Week 9 (11/03 -> 17/03)

  • Succeed to write and read a nfcTag

Week 10 (18/03 -> 24/03)

  • Begin the creation of an interface
  • Study tutorial on Nodejs

Week 11 (25/03 -> 31/03)

  • Read and write on the tag with the JSON format
  • Search on MongoDB, Nodejs and Heroku



libNFC : library which allow to communicate from your computer to a nfc tag through a nfc usb key.


Source du projet :
Presentation.pdf :
Rapport.pdf :