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Nowadays, more and more people are facing hand dysfunction, which is a serious handicap in daily life. In order to provide convenient and efficient solutions to those patients, a playful hand rehabilitation software project has been suggested. The aim is to allow the users to train freely at home and obtain a relevant progress grade through their rehabilitation program.


  • Nicolas Vuillerme
  • Alessandro Semere
  • Didier Donsez


  • Rebecca Poustis
  • Elisa Martinez

Week 1 (January 14th to January 20th)

  • Project discovery and technologies study (Microsoft Kinect, Intel Creative 3D camera)
  • Kinect and Creative SDKs set up and tests
  • Talk about the application and development possibilities

Week 2 (January 21th to January 27th)

  • First meeting with the tutors, Mr Vuillerme, assistant professor at Joseph Fourier University of Grenoble, and Mr Semere, intern plastic surgeon at the general hospital of Grenoble. Talk about the project expectations.

After the meeting, we identified the following main aspects :

    * Be conform to the suggested type of rehabilitation (amplitude variations),
    * The main support will consist of a hand rehabilitation book and several demonstration videos,
    * The software will implement a little game that will be played by the patient moving his hand,
    * A tutorials list will be available on the main screen,
    * Take into account a slight margin regarding the angles measurement,
    * Each exercise will last one minute and should provide a continuous indicative grade.
    * Decision of using the Intel Creative camera instead of the Microsoft Kinect because it really 
      seems to match the project requirements (better fingers moves detection).

Week 3 (January 28th to February 3th)

  • First SRS version.
  • First thoughts about the UML structure of the project.
  • Study of the SDK in order to chose the best matching programming language, which appears to be C#.

Week 4 (Febrary 4th to February 10th)

  • Second UML diagram version.
  • First sketch of our Graphical User Interface (GUI).
  • First C# learning session using siteduzero website.

Week 5 (February 11th to February 17th)

  • New SRS version.
  • Detailed study of the SDK C# source code to understand the main structures, functions used and how the fingers detection is made.
  • Thoughts about Object and Use diagrams.


Intel Perceptual Computing SDK Beta3 :

Visual Studio 2012