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Project RobAIR


  • Tutors : Didier Donsez,Amr Alyafi
  • Members : Augustin Husson, Jérôme Barbier

Project objectives

  • transit command message beetween two devices by webRTC protocol
  • use webRTC to etablish connection and send/receive message
  • create graphic interface to control the robot

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Progress of the project

The project started January 14th, 2013.

Week 1 (January 13th - Janurary 19th)

  • Project discovery
  • Research of related projects

Week 2 (January 20th - Janurary 26th)

  • Development of team goals
  • Get a kit to assemble Air-Rob
  • Initialize the assembly phase of the robot in partnership with the team of David Levayer and Paul Marriage
  • Search on "how to make a skype plugin"
  • First attempt to run via java skype: skype must currently be run with a graphical interface for the java code works.
  • Search how Skype is used to

Week 3 (January 27th - February 2nd)

  • Assembly of two new RobAIRs --> just one for the moment
  • Beginning of the redaction of Software Requirements Specification
  • ROS environment installed on Ubuntu and work
  • RobAIR can now move by itself ! (debug in progress)
  • Meeting with Amr Alyafi (effective code obtained)

Week 4 (February 3th - February 7th)

  • Fixe Skype objectif with M. Donsez
  • We try to run the code from previous years (we can't understand how their project could work with so many mistakes...)
  • Now robair can speak with keyboards press
  • Graphique interface is working but we can't control robair with this. (Debug in progress)

Week 5 (February 10th - February 14th)

  • Bug with control and webcam connexion (client try to connect himself but he can't be connected to the server)
  • Meeting with M. Donsez because we are so in late to realized this project : Finaly we modify us subject --> skype can't worked because code is closed so we are going to use "WebRTC".
  • RobAIR works!

Week 6 (February 17th - February 21th)

Week 7 (February 24th - February 28th)

  • We try to understand how webRTC works.
  • Native api in chrome and mozilla
  • Realization of little application using webRTC : we can catch the webcam of use browser (here mozilla, but it can works on chrome)
  • We begin to understand how connection between two browser works (the connection is not realized, not yet !)

Week 8 (March 3rd - march 7th)

  • We realize connection beetween two browers with webRTC
  • Install robair simulator (turtle) and change the source code to move the robot with w,s,a,d
  • We try to send some data (data, audio or video) by webRTC but it fail (debug in progress)

Week 9 (March 10th- march 14th)

  • Create git account
  • Performed our first application
  • Continue to try to understand how webRTC connection work

Week 10 (March 17th- march 21th)

  • webRTC connection success !! we can exchange data (for the moment only text data) beetween two browsers
  • We are in late so we decided to separate our works : Augustin work on webRTC and Jerome work on ROS node
  • Add a little css for our website
  • Add video stream exchange !! and it's work so good !! --> BIG PROBLEM : IT'S DON'T WORK WHEN ROS IS LAUCH... (debug in progress)

Week 11 (March 24th- march 28th)

  • We can shutdown the video stream but can't reload it (debug in progress...)
  • Add ROS folder
  • Add pyton server to communicate with ROBAIR and our website : it's work so good !!
  • Add all buttons for voices actions

Week 12 (March 31th- April 4th)

  • Try to do a multiple client connetion in the same conversation (debug in progress...)
  • Improve design of webSite
  • Add joystick buttons to control ROBAIR.
  • All work good! We can create a channel with video stream, lauch ros (the video is good now), control robair, dialog...
  • Complete this web page and SRS

Week 13 (March 7th- April 11th)

  • in progress