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Product Backlog

The Product Backlog, in its simplest form, is a list of things that people want to be done to the product, in priority order Give them a notation with 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21. Higher means bigger (not in time but complexity)

Base de donnée partagée (3) Suivi de personnes à l’aide du NFC (5) Implémentation du FollowME en plugin pour kodi Implémentation du mode FollowME sur la Remote ANDROID (13) Gestion de cas multi-user à l’aide de la Kinect (8) Permettre la configuration sur l’ihm (5)


Base de donnée partagée

  *Configuration routeur/réseau
  *Configuration XBMC

Suivi de personnes

  *Lecture NFC
  *Préparation des points de contrôle NFC

Implémentation du FollowME en plugin pour kodi

  *rétro engineering sur les plugins existants (fonction play/stop) et prise en main
  *maquette sans interactions avec la télécommande 
  *plugin final 

Implémentation du mode FollowME sur la Remote ANDROID

  *Compréhension du code
  *Installation de l’application
  *Insertion du mode

Gestion du Cas Multi User Via Kinect

  *Prise en main du SDK Python
  *Écriture du plugin ( test de base )
  *Test unitaires


Sprint 1 (February 02nd - February 14th)

  * Installation of a shared library in kodi between computers
  ** Use of mySQL database/server on the SalleAIR computer
  ** Synchronization of the movies lecture (can resume a movie on any computer, viewed list updating) 
  * Discovery of dev tool for the kinect : we chose to use C++ library (native library) instead of python one's, because on windows,
it is not userfriendly at all, and in the aim of providing an addon that can be easily installed, it's not the good solution.
  * Discovery of the source code of the remote control android application


Sprint 2 (February 23rd - March 10th)

  * Development of the kodi add-on
  ** Pop-up mechanism
  ** Port communication in order to communicate with the kinect program. We first wanted to use D-Bus or ØMQ but once again, the fact that 

the installation is not easy on windows, is incompatible with the fact that we want an addon easily installable by anyone.

  * Development of a kinect program to count the number of people in front of the TV
  * Development of the NFC part, and including it in the remote control android application

Sprint 3 (March 10th - March Xth)

  * Developing a multi-platform solution for the kinect
  * Creating scenarios in order to decide of interaction with the NFC tags and the kinect