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Project presentation


  • Supervisors : Olivier Richard
  • Members : Matthieu CROUZET, Tanguy MATHIEU

Progress of the project

The project started January 11th, 2015.

Week 1 (January 11h - January 17th)

  • Project choice

Week 2 (January 18th - January 24th)

  • Project exploration
  • SRS sheet

Week 3 (January 25th - January 31st)

  • Use Case Diagram


Week 4 (February 01 - February 07th)

We looked over documentation SB Admin v2.0 to have a better interpretation than what we have to do in our project.

Week 5 (February 08th - February 14th)

We have done technological watch on OAR docker.

Week 6 (February 15th - February 21st)

We started doing SB Admin's tests to understand how it works.

Week 7 (February 29th - March 06th)

We continue to do tests on SB Admin.

Week 8 (March 07th - March 13th)

Week 9 (March 14th - March 20th)

First preview of our application

Week 10 (March 21st - March 27th)

  • Implementation of the resource's interface
  • Improving ergonomics of the application
  • Integration of services
  • Now we can add resource and job
  • Linking the state between job et resource

Week 11 (March 28th - April 03rd)

  • Establishment of directives to facilitate code
  • Adding a graph based on data
  • Review the organization of the file
  • Revised data based on API
  • Remove all unnecessary files

Week 12 (April 04th - April 05th)

  • Implementation of the login system
  • Retrieving data API
  • Fixing bugs
  • Report/Slides/Flyer

Synthesis of the project

Technologies (used)

  • AngularJS
  • SB Admin v2.0
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • OAR
  • Docker