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The Geoloc_Indoor project is handled from years to years by Polytech Students. For the year 2016-2017, the project is handled by Gambro Antoine et Cochino Louis and directed by Donsez Didier.




Project presentation

Nowadays, geolocalisation has become a wide spread technology. It is used in order to guide a user from a first point A to another point B, naming it can allow users to have routing help during a travel, such as driving trip or even going to a coffee. In this way, geolocalisation is incredibly well spread outdoor, it's in this case that geolocalisation is the most efficient. But, what about indoor geolocalisation ? Because of the use of satellites and GSM networks to locate an object, it is a harder to use it indoor. Buildings prevent signals to enter making impossible to locate things with those means. And this where our project takes place !


This project is directed by Didier Donsez and designed by Antoine Gambro and Louis Cochino. Both are currently studying in their first year of Polytech master degree. The project is part of the Software Development course.

Progress of the project

Week 1 (January 9th - January 15th)

  • Choice of the project
  • Getting Nucleo card and shield BLE

Week 2 (January 16th - January 23th)

  • Implantation of the existing project
  • Getting beacons

Week 3 (January 23th - January 29th)

  • bugfix about Android Studio Integration
  • Understanding of the existing Java Code
  • Installation of the softwares needed to test beacons and others electronic cards

Week 4 (February 6th - February 13th)

  • bugfix about Android Studio Integration
  • Understanding of the existing Java Code
  • Installation of the softwares needed to test beacons and others electronic cards
  • Récuperation of the tiles (with 5th year)
  • Netbeans Day

Week 5 (February 13th - February 19th)

  • Geolocation by GPS
  • Study of OpenLevelUP
  • Connection tests to Amazon Servers and PostGreSQL database

Week 6 (February 27th - March 5th)

  • Class Diagram Back-end
  • Global architecture schema
  • Class Diagram Front-end
  • Preparation for the mid-project presentation
  • hardware tests

Week 7 (March 5th - March 12th)

  • Mid project presentation
  • Hardware Tests => Necessity to change cards due to incompatibility between STM32 et Shield BLE
  • Connection test to amazon server => Failure due to timeout delay

Week 8 (March 12th - March 19th)

  • Get new STM32 and tests
  • Migration from Amazon cloud to Azure => Same problems of timeout delay
  • Implantation of MVVM diagram into a new android_v2 branch
  • SRS and UML updates

Week 9 (March 20th - March 27th)

  • Getting signal from beacons to local Application through STM32
  • bug fixed on user and beaconLocation
  • Beacon checklist implementation
  • Refresh beacon list button
  • Snippet improvements
  • Looking for solutions to cloud database access bug

Week 10 (March 27th - April 3rd)

  • Update diagrams
  • Try to include own polytech tiles in OSM Map (Failure)
  • Get Raspberry pi(local server) and tests
  • Bug fixed in map zoom
  • Bug fixed in geolocalisation
  • Preparation for the oral presentation




  • Android cellphones
  • STM32 Nucleo equiped with shield BLE X-NUCLEO-IDB04A1
  • 2 sensorTag 1st generation
  • 2 sensorTag 2nd generation
  • 2 Débug dev pack
  • LED audio dev pack
  • Watch dev pack
  • 2 Genuino 101
  • 2 Intel Quark Microcontroller Dev Kit D2000
  • Transmitter/Receiver Bluetooth (serial port)
  • 3 Raspberry pi

Softwares, API and others

Android App

  • Android Studio
  • OsmDroid
  • Paho (MQTT)
  • OpenLevelUp! (?)
  • Spring


  • mbed


  • Amazon Web Services
  • PostgreSQL
  • Maven
  • Spring
  • Bean Validation
  • Java Persistence
  • Jackson
  • jSSC (Java Simple Serial Connector)