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Project presentation

Le sigle RFID (de l’anglais radio frequency identification) est une technologie permettant de mémoriser et récupérer des données à distance en utilisant des marqueurs (tags en anglais) appelés "radio-étiquettes". Elles sont massivement dans la logistique (transport des produits) pour tracer en temps-réel les produits transportés. Un des principaux standards du monde de la RFID est le standard EPC Global de GS1 ( L'objectif de ce projet est de développer une application développée en Node.js sur le framework temps réel Meteor pour suivre des produits (et/ou leurs contenants) tout au long de la chaîne logistique (depuis l'usine de production au magasin).


This project is directed by Didier Donsez and designed by Hugo Amodru-Favin and Antoine Delise. Both are currently studying in their first year of Polytech master degree. The project is part of the Software Development course.

Progress of the project

Week 1 (January 9th - January 15th)

  • Project's choice

Week 2 (January 16th - January 22th)

  • Nordic ID Stix Reader
  • Familiarization with Meteor

Week 3 (January 23th - January 29th)

  • Familiarization with LLRP API of Nordic ID Stix
  • Discovery of MongoDB and JavaScript (and HTML Reminder)

Week 4 (January 30th - February 5th)

  • Beginning of the Meteor prototype development
  • Continuation of the API's familiarization

Week 5 (February 6th - February 12th)

  • End of the Meteor prototype
  • Beginning of the implementation of the API prototype interface

Week 6 (February 13th - February 19th)

  • First try to execute the Meteor application on android smartphone
  • Inter-application communication
  • Test app of Reader prototype interface

Week 7 (February 27th - March 5th)

  • Continuation to execute the Meteor application on android
  • Inter-application communication
  • Test app of Reader prototype interface

Week 8 (March 6th - March 12th)

  • Meteor application is working on android device

Week 9 (March 13th - March 19th)

  • Beginning the Interface of the application
  • Users implementation

Week 10 (March 20th - March 26th)

  • Continuation of the interface of the application
  • Database design

Week 11 (March 27th - April 2nd)

  • End of the interface of the application
  • Multi devices functional
  • Report writing


This project consists of the development of a Meteor application allowing the users to follow packages, create new packages, scan existing packages to update their positions. The use of different devices must be possible to scan the RFID tags. We decided to develop our project in only one application as we consider it more relevant. A major aspect of our application is managing the loss of articles of the packages. Judging on the situation, if an article is missing, if is found in another package or back to its package, an e-mail is sent to the sender to help him contact the user who did a suspicious scan.



  • Android smartphone (Android 7.1.1)
  • Sensor RFID Nordic ID Stix

Softwares and API

  • Android Studio IDE
  • github
  • Meteor
  • MongoDB
  • RPC (Communication between applications)