RICM4 2017 2018 - Ruche Connectee

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Project presentation

Schéma général du projet
Division des tâches entre les deux groupes

Ruche connectée LoRa : Implementation and access to several sensors placed on a hive on a building roof to retrieve data remotely using LoRa technology. The goal is to don't go physically next to the hive. (Advantages: Not open the hive in winter, don't go on site, ease of analysis, not disturb the bees ...).

Sensors placed in the hive :

  • Weight
  • Temeprature
  • Pressure
  • Humidity

This allow the beekeeper to go on the site only once the honey is retrievalbe and manage the health of the swarm.


BESNIER Bejamin, LEVESQUE Théo et WEILL William

Supervisor : Mr PALIX Nicolas

Progress et status

Week 1 (15 January - 21 January)

  • Choice and discovery of the project.
  • Briefing on what we will have to do and the objectives to reach.
  • Distribution of the material (STM32 and LoRa sensor).

Week 2 (22 January - 28 January)

Week 3 (29 January - 4 Febuary)

  • Implementation of the global docker with all the tools used (Graphana, InfluxDB, Graphana)

Week 4 (5 Febuary - 11 Febuary)

Week 5 (12 Febuary - 18 Febuary)

Week 6 (19 Febuary - 25 Febuary)

  • Educational interruption

Week 7 (26 Febuary - 4 March)

  • Build Docker image for the RaspberryPi (including Node-RED, and GateWay packet forwarder)
  • Parsing of Base64 LoRa packet to extract usefull data.
  • Implementation of an alternative LoraWan protocol with the two groups working on the Green-House.

Week 8 (5 March - 11 March)

  • Working on the demo for the next week at the RICM's birthday

Week 8 (12 March - 18 March)

  • Finishing the preparation for the incoming presenation.

Week 9/10/11 (19 March - 4 april)

  • As our part is done whe had to merge with the IESE works