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SCL3711 plugged on a Raspberry PI

SCM SCL3711 : lecteur NFC USB


Drivers :

Product ID: 0x5591 Vendor ID: 0x04e6 (Shuttle Technology)

Contient un PN53x supporté par LibNFC peut être aussi piloté par PCSC

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// ReadMe file for SCMCCID driver

Required Packages : pcsc daemon

The installer will install the driver bundle(s) in
/usr/libexec/SmartCardServices/drivers directory. Symbolic link(s) will
be created in /usr/local/pcsc/drivers to link to the driver bundles(s).
The scmccid.ini file is copied to /usr/local/scm/ini.

To uninstall, type the following command in a terminal from from the package directory.
sudo ./
Configuration (optional):

a) To force F and D value externally, modify the file "scmccid.ini" file 
under the directory "/usr/local/scm/ini/" and update the values. The 
following is an example. Lines starting with ";"  are ignored.


b)Maximum buffer size of the command/APDU handled by driver from 
application is 128Kbytes. This is configurable by the following entry 
in the ini file.


c) To replace a particular ATR, add a line as below,
in the ini file.


where the LValue is the ATR to be replaced and the RValue is the ATR 
to replace it with.

d) For SDI010 smart card readers with firmware V7.06 and later, the 
number of contactless slots can be configured using the "NumOfPDO" 
entry in the ini file.

(eg) NumOfPDO=2  will expose 2 Contactless slots.

e) For SCR3310V2 readers, the Card Reset Order can be used to 
change the smart card power-on sequence i.e. it shall direct the reader 
to start the card reset by applying by .Class A. voltage first and then 
retry sequentially with the other classes or vice versa.


It can take the following options
	0 - It starts with Class C voltage
	1 - It starts with Class A voltage

f) For SCR3310V2 readers, the ATR timeout value can be specified (in 
milliseconds) with the following INI option