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Purpose of the requirements document

This document includes the description of features design.

Scope of the product

Even with the substantial progress achieved with the emergence of sign languages, the integration of people with hearing loss society still finds obstacles. Mainly because most people do not know this language thus becomes necessary to improve and facilitate this integration. Thus, this project aims to design a system that can translate sign language Parle complete (LPC) in a textual language. This will make communication possible between speakers and non-speakers of the LPC, without the need of interpreters.

Definitions, acronyms and abbreviations

LPC - Language Parlé Complété The LPC is a manual code around the face supplemented lipreading.


Overview of the remainder of the document

The rest of the document contains technical characteristics of the project’s development, and descriptions of other scenarios in which it can be used.

General description

Product perspective

The system will be used by people that have hearing loss. They will translate sign language to language text with it.

Product functions

Translate sign language.

User characteristics

The user should know the sign language Parlé Complété.

General constraints

Assumptions and dependencies

Specific requirements, covering functional, non-functional and interface requirements

Requirement X.Y.Z (in Structured Natural Language)


Make gestures

  • Description: This use case is responsible for capturing the gestures made ​​by the user and translating it into the corresponding text.
  • Inputs: Gestures.
  • Outputs: Text.
  • Destination: User/System.
  • Action: Show text corresponding to gestures.
  • Pre-condition: Calibrate position.

Store gestures

  • Description: This use case is responsible for storing news gestures in the database.
  • Inputs: Gestures/Text.
  • Destination: System.
  • Action: Save news gestures in the database.
  • Pre-condition: Make gestures.

Requirements Non-Functional

  • Performance Requiriment
  • Description: The system should make the recognition of gestures in a satisfactory time for the user. The time should be less than 5 seconds.

Product evolution