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Team :

  • Jules HABLOT (RICM4)
  • Mathias BRANGER (RICM4)


  • Jérôme Maisonnasse
  • Didier DONSEZ

Description Project Pages

Project Description

There are a lot of projectors in Polytech Grenoble. But they are old and technology changes fast. As a consequence, the projectors only use VGA ports which are out of date. With this project, we want to be able to connect to projectors wirelessly while adding interactions between students and professors in a classroom.

Each of the following points should make part of the project :

  • Multi display with multi users (different types of displays)
  • Multi display with one user (one screen for each app)
  • Zoom/Unzoom on a screen with a click
  • Check if students are here / presence dashboard
  • Drop files into a screen to share it with the screen owner.
  • Quizz : questions on screen / students answer on their computers
  • feedback about the lesson.
  • save courses + transcription (link with some other projects)

In relation with

Smart Classroom

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