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TouchKey: Home and building access management platform to open communicating door locks

Security and flexibility for buildings access are more and more privileged concerns for company and private usages. Nowadays, it is too easy to copy a key and to access common properties, mailboxs, doors, etc. whereas it is difficult to grant access to people you trust wherever and whenever you want. Locks have an important place in our societies and they are underused.

TouchKey is a brand new access manager service platform based on NFC Forum standards. More than just openning a door with a NFC medium, TouchKey provides software infrastructure to manage access everywhere authentication must be checked. It has to act with many actors, from Mr X to the local delivery service, your best friend or your favorite craftman. Depending tonyour rights, it allows you to manage, monitor, trigger services, access locks who belong to you or not with a highly secure, easy-o-use platform.

Touchkey architecture

This project was in the finalists of the NFC Developer Competition 2010.

RICM5 Student staff : Jean-Francois Knoepfli, Joris Brémond, Mathieu Rivoalen, Raphael Tronc, Hugo Van Honacker
Supervisory staff : Didier Donsez, Pierre-Yves Gibello


TouchKeyAward.jpg TouchKeyTeam.jpg TouchKeyTeam2.jpg TouchKeyCompitors.jpg TouchKeyStand.jpg TouchKeyBox.jpg TouchKeyBox2.jpg MontageTouchKey-NFCComp2010.jpg MontageTouchKey-NFCComp2010-monted.jpg