Intégration d'Espruino à RIOT OS

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Encadrants : Didier Donsez, d'autres ?

Ce projet a pour objectif d'intégrer des interpréteurs et des compilateurs de langages de script au système d'exploitation RIOT OS pour micro-contrôleurs M3 Cortex (par exemple : STM32 Nucleo, ...).

Une démonstration sera effectuée avec une plateforme robotique RobAIR.


By the way, if you wanted something low-level and embedded for your students to do then a port of the TinyCC compiler to Thumb would be absolutely amazing (it currently compiles to normal ARM opcodes, but the Cortex M won't execute those).

I did have quick go at it, but my attempt is a bit of a hack, and will currently only compile the most basic code.

It'd be particularly useful because the TinyCC compiler can be compiled to JavaScript with emscripten, which means you could have a complete C development environment (including compiler!) in the browser. It's also small enough that the whole thing could run in the MCU itself as well.