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1. Introduction

1.1 Purpose of the requirements document

This Software Requirements Specification (SRS) identifies the requirements for the project StartAir Safe.
In case of a open source project, we must present the requirement to others potential contributors. This document is a guideline about the functionalities offered and the problems that the system solves.

1.2 Scope of the product


  • The software we are developping is a plugin for Microsoft Flight Simulator
  • It is an Open Source software
  • Our software is design only for Windows plateforms

1.3 Definitions, acronyms and abbreviations

  • FSX(ESP): Miscrosoft Flight Simulator X is flight simulator for windows devices
  • SimConnect: SimConnect is a SDK that can be used to write add-on components for ESP
  • PBH(pitch, bank, heading):
  • UDP: User Datagram Protocol is a network protocol use to send datagram

1.4 References

1.5 Overview of the remainder of the document

The SRS examines the specifications of the "StartAir Safe" project. Section two of the SRS presents the general factors and its requirements, it is composed of the user characteristics and project constraints. Section three outlines the detailed, specific and functional requirements, performance, system and other requirements.

2. General description

2.1 Product perspective

The StartAIR project is one part of a big Multi-department project (TIS, MATERIAUX, 3I). The aim is to build a realistic flight simulator to help doctors work with asperger people.

The project use a multi-computer systèm based on windows devices. The 3I project consist of the creation of a new command board, the TIS part consit of building a close systèm to interact with asperger people and the MATERIAUX project is to build acoustic walls to create a realistic airplane cockpit.

2.2 Product functions

Functions of our software

  • Give the user an interface to pilot FSX
  • Display the view on multiple screen
  • Display the command board on a separate screen if needed

2.3 User characteristics

The First prototype we create for the JPO

The user only need to know how to pilot an airplane and
to understand the multiple devices that composed the command board.

2.4 General constraints

  • Platform constraints:
- Must run on Windows XP/7/8/8.1
- Windows XP is the FSX is optimize the most

  • Environemental constraints:
- Acces to a local network

2.5 Assumptions and dependencies

- The server know the multiple computer
- Each device know the server
- The FSX had to be instal on each computer

3.Specific requirements, covering functional, non-functional and interface requirements

The general use of the plugin

3.1 Requirement X.Y.Z (in Structured Natural Language)


- Display an FSX flight on multiple screen


- The pilot controle the plane with a joystick
- Mouvment are recreated on the other screen
- The Client/Server use UDP to send messages


- State and Data of the current flight
- Global settings from the Server


- Informations from local FSX


- Video on the 3 main screen
- Data to the remote FSX


- The two users indise the cockpit
- The remote Client


Non functional requirements:

- Nothing in front of the screen
- A dark environment
- A close network


- A network-computer System running
- Instal and launch the server on the main computer
- Instal and launch the client on the other computer


- The simulator is controlled by an user.


- Lose of the notion of time

4. Product evolution

- Add The Conntrol board on a screen
- Create an interface to acces the new command board
- Add suround sound inside the plane to make it more realistic
- Add more data in our stream to give the simulator more information about the current flight

5. Appendices

5.1. SRS structure

The document is based on template of the Software Requirements Specification (SRS) inspired of the IEEE/ANSI 830-1998 Standard.


6. Index